Saturday, September 10, 2011

Spa Divas In Training

I had a wonderful day today. Right now I'm at that relaxed stage where you're not really conscious of any part of your body. You know, nothing hurts, nothing feels tight, nothing even itches -- everything feels melted and it's all good. I'll tell you why.

There are a lot of September birthdays in my family; so many that we have combined parties, otherwise we would run out of weekend days to celebrate. Today was the party for Connie, Sasha and Sierra. Since it was an all-girl birthday, we decided to have an all-girl spa day. Carrie arranged for a wonderful lady named Barbara to bring her equipment and supplies and provide spa treatments for all of us. 

We started early, 10:00am, in order to get ahead of the heat. (As a side note for those of you who don't live in Texas, our temperature range for today was: low 55º, high 100º. That's a 45º change and we expect the same for the next week.) First up was a body and facial scrub. We put on our bathing suits covered ourselves with fragrant scrub then rinsed off in the outdoor shower around the pool. 

Next came the seaweed and mud pack. We started with my girl, Sophia, the youngest at the party. It took a few minutes to persuade her that covering herself in mud was a good thing. 

But she was a real trooper and gave it a try. I was so proud . . . spa diva in training. I knew my influence on her would be good. 

She and Sierra loved it. I think this is the photo of the day.

Connie really enjoyed the step where you relax and let the mud do its work.

And I looked like Beverly Hills Camouflage. 

While we were relaxing, Barbara conditioned our hair and wrapped our heads in warm towels.

 Sophia told Carrie she looked like an Egyptian queen.

 The three sisters -- Gooey, Aunt Connie and Net-Net to the girls.

That last one reminds me of the passage from Macbeth about the three weird sisters (aka witches.) 
" The weyard sisters, hand in hand, 
Posters of the sea and land.
Thus do go about, about.
Thrice to thine and thrice to mine
And thrice again, to make up nine.
Peace, the charm's wound up."

 After the mud it was back to the shower and then time for dipping our hands and feet in warm paraffin.

We peeled off the paraffin, massaged in the residual oils and covered ourselves with another creamy lotion to finish. 
So now you know why I'm feeling so good. Best birthday party ever. Happy Birthday to all to to all a good night; I'm melting into bed.

Thanks for stopping by.