Tuesday, August 28, 2012

No Brag, Just Fact

My nephew is brilliant. He is two years old, won't be three until the end of September, and is already computer literate. I recently spent several days visiting my brother and his family and came away amazed by this child. 

Let me say that he has the benefit of an older brother and sister (12 and 15) who spend a lot of time with him. They are both very tolerant and attentive, which is wonderful to see. Big sister, Katie, has an iPod touch, on which she has loaded numerous apps for "the Baby," which is what everyone, including himself, calls him. His real name is Andrew. Whenever Andy is bored or needs entertaining, he says, "Tatie's pod?" and immediately starts to play. He knows which apps are his, knows how to open and play the games, knows how to change his avatar if necessary. 

Staying occupied at Cracker Barrel

While I was visiting, he discovered my iPad and was instantly intrigued. "Net Net's pod?" he asked. I cautiously handed it to him.

Andy and brother discover Net Net's pod.

Lest you think we had to tutor him, let me correct that notion. He knew exactly which apps were games or kid stuff and went right to them. He played the games by himself, loudly refusing any assistance. A few times he mixed up the "play" and "menu" buttons, but quickly learned the difference. One time he opened a spreadsheet function by mistake, but knew he wanted out of that one. 

He grinned up at me and said, "Baby likes Net Net's pod." One afternoon he found me, sitting on my bed, checking my email. He stayed at the door and just stuck his head in. "Hi Net Net." "Hi Baby, what are you doing?" I replied. "Net Net's pod?" he asked with a grin. Who could resist that face?

He's a genius. No brag, just fact. Just had to share. 

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