Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Camp Four Dogs

This week I fear my creative writing output will be minimal because I am in the midst of conducting the winter version of "Camp Four Dogs," a recreational camp for dogs whose owners are out of town. This week our guests are Nemo and Sierra. Their moms, Traci and Kelly, are spending the week in Las Vegas. 

                  Here's Nemo...

                         ...and Sierra

Actually I am just dog-sitting, but my friends always tell me that when their dogs stay here, it is like summer camp because I am a board-certified dog spoiler. That's right; I love them and they love me because I allow them to do things their parents usually prevent. Nothing bad, but like the stuff you got away with at Grandma's house. 

Activities at Camp Four Dogs include eating, sleeping, squirrel-chasing, pushing contests to see who gets petted or scratched the most and the ever-popular "let's all run to the front door and bark really loud, even if there's no one there."

Nemo and Sierra are not strangers here. They visit us every week when Traci and Kelly come to clean our house. Sierra and my Miss Lucy are the same age (2) and they have been together since they were puppies. Still, even though our guests love to come here and play, they are having separation anxiety issues. Nemo stays glued to me, wherever I go, and Sierra has decided that she doesn't want to eat. It has only been 24 hours, so I'm not worried; she will eat when she is ready. On all other levels she is fine.

Normally campers pose for a group photo to have a remembrance of their fun time and new friends. When the campers are four dogs, this is a nearly impossible task. Here is my first attempt:

You will note that there are only three dogs, (left to right) Sierra, Lucy, Ruffles. Nemo is not cooperating and they are all staring at him, while he is sitting on my feet.

I'm not sure how to overcome this, but I will keep trying and keep you posted.


  1. I wondered what you were up to this week, and this post certainly explains it. I frequently babysit for my two granddogs and can attest that four or more dogs make a household just a little bit crazy.

  2. Awe!!.....you are so nice to baby-sit your friends dogs!!!.....I could NOT do that!.....just too much for me....glad to see that you are back writing......luv U!!!