Monday, January 17, 2011

We Got A Little Confused

It was cold at Camp Four Dogs last week and the campers got a little confused about their dormitory assignments. Each had a designated dog bed where they were supposed to sleep, leaving the bed available for Camp Directors Annette and Scott. By Wednesday, this plan went out the window, finally enabling me to get that group photo of all four dogs . . .

. . . right down the middle of our bed.

(Bottom to top: Nemo, Lucy, Ruffles, Sierra)

Camp is over now and I can finally get back to writing something a little more creative. Although it would be interesting to write about trying to do a 30 minute yoga relaxation with four dogs attempting to get into the room with you, furious because you had dared to close the door. We'll see; more to come. Thank you for coming back today.


  1. Awww, they're SO cute! At least they left you and Scott the edges of the bed and didn't stake out the four corners.

  2. They signed up for a good camp.