Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Top 5 Reasons Why I Changed My Hair

Yesterday I had scheduled a routine hair appointment for highlights and a trim, but when I sat down in the chair, something came over me. It had been building for a while, whispering in my ear, but now it announced itself. "I want to do something different." I ended up like this.

The difference is still a little shocking to me, but I like it. At least today I do. As my hairdresser said, "If you don't like it, we can always put color back in." So it's nice to have an out.

It leaves me asking myself why I went totally white. Here's what I came up with:
  • It's almost summer; everyone has a summer hair fling.
  • I went to Mt. Sinai for vacation and saw a burning bush.
  • I'm showing solidarity for the vanishing habitat of polar bears.
  • I wanted to look even more like my mother than I already do (yeah, right.)
  • I was feeling old.
The last one is the real truth, of course, and I'll tell you why I was feeling old. It had to do with an incident from our recent vacation. Scott and I spent a week in Puerto Rico and then cruised from there around the Caribbean for two weeks. One evening during the second week of cruising, I was walking on the pool deck about 9:30pm. It was basically deserted and crew members were cleaning the pool and washing the deck. There were two teenagers, a boy and a girl, sitting in the deck chairs talking. You could tell that they had recently met and there was a lot of "flirting" going on. Just as I reached where they were sitting, they jumped up and dashed across the deck, crashing right into me. The young lady stopped and apologized and I told her I was fine. Upon hearing this, the boy, who had not stopped, turned around, looked at me, turned back to the young lady and said, "You don't need to apologize to her; she's just an old lady."

Now this stunned me on several different levels. First, I couldn't believe how rude it was; second, I couldn't believe that young people have that much disrespect for older people; and third, it really hurt my feelings. I just kept walking to my cabin, but by the time I got there I had worked up a head of steam, which I promptly unloaded on my poor husband. I thought it blew over after that but, over the ensuing days and weeks, I kept looking at myself with ever critical eyes. I did look old and I didn't like it, so it was time to do something radical. VoilĂ ! White hair. If I'm going to look old, it's going to me on my terms.

I know, pathetic isn't it? So much for aging gracefully. I don't care. This white hair makes me feel powerful, like some coldblooded Scandinavian killer in a Die Hard movie. "Hey smart-mouthed kid on the ship, if you're reading this, look out. Next time you call me 'old lady,' I'm going to kick your ass." I know I should be practicing forgiveness and kindness, but I think the Universe will thank me for this one.

Let me know what you think about the hair. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. First of all, you are NOT an old lady, nor do you look like one, even with the white hair. I think it's attractive AND smart. My father and all his siblings had strikingly beautiful white hair by late middle age. I, on the other hand, am graying like my mom's side of the family: subtle strands and streaks of gray that mingle with the brown until the whole head of hair looks sort of a drab, heathery beige. Your new look has a lot of pizzazz!

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  3. Yep!!....almost like looking right at your mom!!....I know the feeling about gettin old!.....face that everyday!....but....I like it.....hang in life like you want to!.....we are the older generation fast coming into the picture!.....luv U!!!