Thursday, March 7, 2013

Challenge - Day 24: "Color"

I love red. Is it possible that just looking at a color can lift your spirit and make you feel happier? If so, then red does it for me. Particularly sparkly red.

As I sit here and try, I find it difficult to find words to describe why red delights me. Maybe it is purely an emotional thing, hidden somewhere deep in the reptile part of my brain, something I can't explain. But I am definitely drawn to red. 

My closet is full of red and every time I do laundry I have a white load, light load, dark load and a red load. I look good in red, but even I will agree with the "color experts" who tell me it is not my best color. So I can't say I choose to wear red because of vanity reasons. I just like it and it makes me happy. 

Maybe that's why I love to decorate for Christmas so much -- red, red, red. For years after our son died I didn't decorate at all and we usually went away on a trip or cruise to avoid everything. But after we sold the ranch and moved to this house, I started decorating for the holidays again. You should see my house these days during the Christmas season.

 My tree is covered in red . . . .

Santa is everywhere . . . .

And even "my girl" gets a new red dress from me. Look at that face, that girl can work it!

Today I am looking at some red and white carnations arranged in an ice cream sundae glass. Whenever I see it, I almost laugh out loud because it makes me so happy. That's why I love red.

 Thanks for stopping by today. See you tomorrow.

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