Friday, March 8, 2013

Challenge - Day 25: "Lunch"

Last March Scott and I left on a truly wonderful visit to Puerto Rico, followed by two weeks of cruising around most of the Caribbean islands. I haven't written much about that trip because, about two weeks after we returned, I developed an intestinal infection that felled me for about eight or nine months. Even today, almost one year later, I'm still having a few effects. Don't let me scare you off cruising; my illness had nothing to do with that. It was just one of those things. But, let's talk about something happier. 

While we were in Puerto Rico we had some great food and since today's topic is "lunch," let me tell you about a memorable one. Scott and I always talk to local people when we travel and ask them where they like to eat. We've had some really great meals as a result of this and our luck held out in San Juan. We were staying at a Marriott resort in the Carolina section of San Juan, on Isla Verde beach. Let me tell you, when you picture "tropical beach" in your head, you are seeing Isla Verde.

Beautiful aqua blue water and almost white sand

One day for lunch, we walked a few blocks from the hotel to the Metropole Restaurant, one that had been recommended for good local dishes. Scott and I love Caribbean/Cuban food and have eaten it many places. We were introduced to it in Houston, by Cuban friends of ours who took us to a place where they cooked "just like our mama." We were hooked and since then, have found a Cuban/Caribbean style restaurant near wherever we live. Our current local favorite is Cafe Havana on South Congress in Austin. Back to the Metropole. Scott ordered a sampler platter and I asked the waiter what he would recommend. Cudos to me because I got a great meal. 


This is a smoked chicken breast, served with white rice, maduros, black beans and a little fresh relish. The chicken was smoked first so that it was juicy and pink (the good pink) inside, then flash fried so that the skin was extra brown and crispy. Maduros are plantains that have been grilled or sauteed until the sugar carmelizes on the surface, leaving the fruit inside soft and yummy. 

Here's a view of Scott's plate with three different meats that I can't remember, congris (a mixture of rice and black beans) and yucca. His was good, but mine was better.

We liked the Metropole so much that we ended up going back for dinner the next evening. We both tried something different, but nothing was as good as the smoked chicken I had for lunch. Just thinking about it makes me want to hop a plane for San Juan. It only takes four hours from Houston....

Thanks for stopping by today. I'm off to rustle up something for lunch. Whatever it ends up being, I'm sure it will be lacking compared to the Metropole.     

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  1. Geez, Annette! You sure blew the hell out of my cheese and crackers. :)