Friday, February 15, 2013

Challenge - Day 15: "Water"

The way I have been approaching this daily writing challenge is to finish a post, then look at the next topic and mull it around overnight and into the next day, deciding what to write. Last night, when I read that today's topic was "water," a tune immediately popped into my head and has refused to leave. I guess that's what I'll write about.

The song is "Cool, Clear Water," by The Sons of the Pioneers, including their most notable member, Roy Rogers, although he's not singing lead. This version of the 78rpm gramophone recording was posted on YouTube and seems true to the original spirit of the group.

I love the imagery in this song. The cowboy and his faithful horse, Dan, ride behind a herd of cattle all day, fighting dust and heat, longing for the evening when they can enjoy cool, clear water. His throat is dry and his soul cries for water. The water will wash away his discomfort, slake his thirst and give him the regeneration he needs to go out and face the next day. It is soft and calming -- water, cool, clear water -- and that calming quality has been on my mind all day.

Calming is how I most often think of water. When I don't feel well or when I'm agitated and distressed, a shower, bath or dip in the pool is what it takes to settle me down, pour balm into my soul and make things right again. "There is a balm in Gilead ". . . . Was Gilead a pool? Somehow I think so. There was a stream of water running over rocks -- a cool, clear stream flowing down into a deeper pool. A pool of bluegreen water where you could sit and lose yourself in thought, and when you finally rose to leave, feel better about the world and the struggles you faced. Water, cool, clear water.

Thanks for stopping by today. Take a couple of minutes to listen to this song and feel the calmness if you can.  


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  1. Geez! I'm too thirsty to comment right now, but maybe I will after I get something to drink.